Starburst Jelly Beans Ice Cream

Starburst Jellybeans Ice Cream

Gone are the days where Starburst are confined to square chewy sweets, where the wrapper is superglued to the sweetie and you have to weigh-up abandoning ship or chowing down the partially unwrapped chew. Starburst Jelly Beans are an actual thing and I am pretty joyful at the fact. 

Jelly beans are up there on my top favourite sweets ever. Those little beans can pack some almighty flavours in them that make it feel like you’ve hit the lottery every time you have a handful. These Starburst Jelly Beans Ice Cream flavours are not the only ones that Starburst offer. You can also get Original, Jumbo, Crazy and Sour. Sadly though it appears that this another American only number and you will either find them in an American stockist shop or the internet. 

Starburts Jelly Beans

Don’t let the name fool you because on further inspection the flavours – lemon sorbet, strawberry, orange sherbet, and red raspberry don’t exactly depict ice cream. Sorbet does at a stretch, however aside from the ice cream parlouresque packaging, I was expecting more traditional flavours like raspberry ripple, banana, mint chocolate, vanilla, it’s not like they would struggle for flavour choices. Instead these in no way remind me of ice cream or the flavours that they are meant to be. The only one that comes close is the lemon sorbet which is indeed lemony. I must however point out that despite this the pinky and purple jelly beans are delightfully tasty and fruity, and I have no qualms over eating these. 

These  Starburst Jelly Beans Ice Cream are misleading and if you’re looking for that dessert element then pass these by. The texture and size are top marks but realistically there are far tastier jelly beans out there that you could be buying. 

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