M&S Belgian Milk Chocolate Cashews

M&S Belgian Milk Chocolate Cashew

The M&S chocolate adventure continues today with the M&S Belgian Milk Chocolate Cashews. Next to pistachios, cashews are my favourite nuts especially when they are caramelised honey ones, god I could eat them forever!! 

Aside from the different packaging, these aren’t new to the snacking aisle and have been around for a couple of years. I don’t usually reach for the chocolate nuts because they tend to have a weird twang to them, particularly if mixed with raisins. However if there was ever going to me a chocolate covered nut that I would want to try, a caramelised honey cashew is certainly it. 

M&S Belgian Milk Chocolate CashewsM&S Belgian Milk Chocolate Cashews* Per 1/2 bag: 225 kcal, 6g sat fat, 21g sugar, 3.5g protein

I wasn’t too sure how these would come. Would they halve the cashews and coat them in chocolate or just leave them whole. Well it was certainly the latter given the size of these chunky nuts! The shiny milk chocolate was thick and creamy and had a good taste to it. The cashews still had a slight crunch to them and the bigger the cashew the more of the flavour that came through against the chocolate. Although I love the idea of using caramelised honey cashews, it really got lost within all that milk chocolate.

These M&S Belgian Milk Chocolate Cashews were yummy and are the best chocolate covered nut I have had. It is a shame about the caramelised honey, but that didn’t stop me happily eating my way through this bag. 

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  1. Linda Mundorff
    6th June 2019 / 11:06 pm

    I’m actually trying to find M&S Belgian Milk Chocolate Raisins. they are amazing. Can you help?

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