M&S Dulce de Leche Chocolate

M&S Dulce De Leche Chocolate

The Spirit of Summer is back with M&S Dulce de Leche Chocolate, see I wasn’t lying that M&S had gone dulce de leche crazy this season! After their disappointing Dulce de Leche Teacakes I am hoping that this little snazzy packaged chocolate bar will be living up to expectations. 

Not simply just a bog standard chocolate bar, M&S have decided to plonk some savoury popcorn in there as well. A slightly odd decision but I am all for a little odd. Presented in a posher booklet type packet, I love the vibrant packaging. 

M&S Spirit of SummerThe chunks were of a nice size, not too thick but not too thin that you wonder where the chocolate is. The overwhelming taste was of the slightly chewy popcorn which wasn’t surprising given you can see the bar is littered with the popped stuff. The bar had a slight creaminess to it but it wasn’t as indulgent as I had hoped and there wasn’t even a hint of saltiness to it either. The dulce de leche was pretty much non-existent against the popcorn and not at all the punch that you get from the liquid version. What was an added bonus of the savoury popcorn was it detracted from all the sweetness that dulce de leche can give which made the bar far more palatable.

I have to say I strangely liked this little M&S Dulce de Leche chocolate number and it is rather moreish. A nice alternative to your traditional bar however it does not meet what it says on the packet. The salted side of the popcorn and the flavour of dulce de leche is non-existent, sadly M&S if you are going to dangle such delights in front of us, please deliver on such flavours! 

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