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StoneRose Pizza Co is here and serving wood fired Neapolitan style to Surrey, Hampshire and beyond in private events and pop-ups. Using authentic and tradition ingredients each pizza is cooked in a traditional oven that reaches over 400 degrees celsius.

For the pop-up’s you can rock up but it is super easy to order ahead of time through Instagram. Thank god we did because they had sold out through pre-order alone. From turning up, giving your name and being on your way with your pizza was under 10 minutes, now that is fast food.

Ham & Mushroom

The menu is refined and simplistic, catering for most taste buds. Prices range from £6.50 for cheesy garlic bread to £10 for a meaty charcuteries pizza. Each pizza cuts into 4 relatively large slices.

The dough is delicious. Light, tasty and with slightly chewy crusts, it certainly has a unique flavour. Thin crust was anticipated but it was much thinner than expected. It was a shame that the base was not a little thicker, you are missing out on that gorgeous flavour and giving the pizza some structure and substance.

Pepperoni PizzaPepperoni 

The quality of ingredients is evident. The pepperoni was plentiful and had warming spicy kick to it. The proscuttio ham slightly salty and the thinly sliced mushrooms were cooked just enough. It wasn’t laden with tomato base which is so much nicer to let other ingredients shine.

Stonerose Pizza Co Garlic Cheesy BreadCheesy Garlic Bread

Of the 3 the cheesy garlic bread wouldn’t be something that we would re-order again. As I don’t like garlic in the slightest I was reliably informed that unfortunately it seemed to be lacking in garlic, and didn’t bring all that much to the table.

On the whole the Stonerose Pizza Co is a great little food truck. The food is scrummy, the ingredients shine through and is super quick. I forever love supporting small businesses and will pay that little extra. Top tip would be one pizza per person or ensure that you have additional sides because these are super thin pizzas.

What’s your favourite food truck?

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