Orange Smarties Buttons

Orange Smarties Buttons

We have had the Milk Chocolate Smarties Buttons, the White Chocolate Smarties Buttons, and now it is the turn of the Orange Smarties Buttons. The trio is now complete and these are the ones that most Smarties lovers will be wanting to try, because everyone knows orange Smarties taste the best. 

The milk and white chocolate varieties are widely available both in supermarkets and sizes. However these Orange Smarties Buttons are exclusive to Asda, and are only available in an 85g sharing bag. Sharing is of course optional.  

They are little boring to even look at, especially in comparison to the multicoloured white chocolate variety. I am not sure how you can jazz these up, so let’s hope the flavour makes up for it. 

Nestle Orange Smarties Buttons Review

They smell delightfully orangey and each button was filled with mini orange Smarties. For whatever reason you can really taste the lack of quality in the milk chocolate. Despite the abundance of mini Smarties and orange aroma, these aren’t all that tasty and dare I say, lack the orange flavour. 

Of the trio I thought these would be the winner, when in actual fact they are my least favourite. If you want to try just one then pick up a bag of the White Chocolate Smarties Buttons. 

Have you tried the new Smarties Buttons? Which is your favourite out of the three?

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