McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives

McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives

It’s certainly divided opinion and it’s not surprising really given these aren’t your conventional biscuit flavours. Yes I am talking about the new Digestive biscuits. McVities have given us not one, but THREE new flavours. There’s McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives, Cherry Bakewell which I reviewed last week (here), and Strawberries and Cream.

So far they are exclusive to Morrisons and have been a bit tricky for people to track down all three flavours. I had similar issues and only managed to find two out of the three. As expected they aren’t on any offer and were £1.50 per pack. These ones you can also buy online at Morrisons. 

McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives Review BiscuitsOpening the packet there was a really fresh and zesty aroma. However in comparison to the Cherry Bakewell version the flavour is much more muted in taste. There was a subtle orange flavour to it, that is more marmalade-esque than orange segments, or chocolate orange. They also weren’t as sweet as you’d imagine, and had a slight bitterness to it. I get that the digestive is supposed to be the ‘toast’ but it really is a loose connection. 

I am a bit on the fence with these McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives. They’re nice but they are neither here nor there with the flavour. Of the two I would choose the Cherry Bakewell 

Have you tried their new range? What are your thoughts?

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