Limited Edition Cookie Butter Oreos

Cookie Butter Oreos

How do you make a cookie taste extra cookie-ee? Stuff a big heap of cookie butter in-between two halves of a cookie of course. That is exactly what Nabisco have done with these Cookie Butter Oreos. 

My lovely cupcake friend sent me these amongst other delightful gifts and I could not wait to get stuck in. Most of us will read cookie butter and automatically think of that golden deliciousness that is Lotus Biscoff Spread, and we are all thinking that putting this in a graham flavoured cookie could take this to a whole new scrumptious level. 

Cookie Butter Oreos CookiesPer 2 cookies: 140 kcal, 2g sat fat, 10g sugar, 1g protein

One sniff and you are immediately going to want to chow down on these. Sweet with a warming spice the smell alone is inviting. Golden yellow the cookie and butter creme are identical in colour and as ever the creme is far thicker than we ever get in our UK versions. The texture of the creme was creamy but gritty, as you would expect if they had whipped and blitzed cookies, the flavour wasn’t as strong as I had hoped and was overcome with the traditional sugared sweetness that the Oreo creme offers. The cookie had a delicious spice from the cinnamon however when put together the creme took over this quite quickly. 

Although these Cookie Butter Oreos smell amazing the taste needs more oomph to it. They are still yummy and I have no qualms in eating them. Ultimately though my favourite remains to be the Cinnamon Bun Oreos.

What are your favourite Oreos? 

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