Asda Peanut Butter Cheesecake

I am throwing it out there but I do not see the fascination of cheesecake. Aside from the biscuit base I am not all that in love with cheesecake and would rather sink my teeth into a different dessert. That said my taste buds were alight when I spied the Asda Peanut Butter Cheesecake whilst on my recent travels. Could this be the one that converts me into a cheesecake lover?  Part of Asda’s Extra Special Range this Peanut Butter Cheesecake was £4.00, pretty much an average price for the going cheesecake in supermarkets. This one serves 6 which is far… View Post

Flare Cocktails

Is everyone else in the same boat as me and think Cocktails seem to have a never ending ingredient list with ingredients that you can’t even say let alone find in the shops? Don’t get me wrong I do love a cocktail, Cosmopolitan FYI, well nowadays you and I don’t need to worry about the faff because cocktails in a can is a thing. Today’s review is in homage of the cocktail in a can with Flare Cocktails. Flare Cocktails contacted me and asked if I would like to sample their range…. yes please! Flare Cocktails currently come in 3… View Post

M&S Dulce de Leche Teacakes

The sun has been peeping out the clouds this week so it is only fair that we have a bit of the Spirit of Summer courtesy of the new M&S Dulce de Leche Teacakes. As previously mentioned M&S have gone a little crazy with dulce de leche this summer and shoved it anything and everything. I must say their Banana Dulce de Leche slices were a thing of beauty so I have high hopes for these Teacakes.  Their packaging is certainly snazzy and catching to the eye, and these definitely faired better in their travels than the Red Velvet Teacakes. These were… View Post

Nestle Rolo Mousse

I am pretty late to the chocolate mousse game but I suppose it is better late than never eh? I have a small obsession with Original Aero Mousse but decided to branch out and be a little adventurous on my recent shop, and buy the New Rolo Mousse. Why did I choose the Rolo? Well Rolo’s are pretty darn delightful mini chocolatey caramelly bites, and two it looked rather pretty.  The mousse was airy and light, just look at those airy bubbles! The chocolate is relatively strong and akin to my other mousse love affair I am having with the Aero… View Post

Nude Popcorn Sweet & Salty

It’s no lie that I love popcorn, these little popped kernels are a blank canvas for all kinds of sweet, savoury and even cocktail flavours, there really appears to be no limits. The Nude Popcorn Company is another branch of the Tyrell’s Family and sits along their already established Poshcorn. Nude Popcorn is new on the popcorn block and boasts to be 30% less fat than regular oil popped popcorn, is vegan friendly and gluten free. At the moment Nude Popcorn comes in three flavours, Salty & Sweet, Simply Sweet and Simply Salty and are available in both multipacks and… View Post