Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply the Zest Chocolate Bar

Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply the Zest

Cadbury have three new chocolate bars all of which were created by chocoholics as part of Cadbury’s inventor’s competition. It is then up to us to vote for one to be triumphant and be a permanent fixture. First up on the blog is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply the Zest Chocolate Bar. 

Although Poundland appeared to be the first to stock these bars, they are now readily available in supermarkets and corner shops alike. Each 110g bar comes in at £1.49 a pop but are mostly on offer for a £1.00, so shop around. 

The name alone I absolutely love! Not only does this bar contain orange, obviously, it also has almond caramel pieces and digestive biscuits. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply the Zest Chocolate BarPer 6 chunks: 142 kcal, 4.4g sat fat, 15g sugar, 1.8g protein

The chunks are noticeably smaller than the normally bars. The zesty orange was evident in aroma but when looking at it I was pretty concerned that there was a distinct lack in looks. However surprisingly this was fresh and fruity and really delicious. The chocolate was standard Dairy Milk, but the real winner was the slightly chewy orange pieces. I can’t say that those almond pieces were apparent in every bite, they were more dispersed. They’re a nice texture break but frankly I hadn’t a clue they were almonds until I read the description. The biscuity crumble-esque pieces remind me of their Tiffin bar. Here you could take or leave them. It doesn’t overly need them but equally you don’t wish they weren’t there.

For the first one I am pretty happy with this fresh and fruity bar. Presently I would happily vote to keep  the Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply the Zest Chocolate Bar. Keep your eyes on the blog for the Cadbury Raspberry Shortcake. 

Only one bar will be crowned the winner so support your favourite at 

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