Gifted – SodaStream Spirit Hydration, Why Yes it’s Sparkling Water

Sodastream Spirit

The SodaStream is well and truly back, and its had a swish makeover! It’s like they read my mind because I’ve wanted to give one a go for ages, and low and behold SodaStream have been kindly gifted me this one*. There is an element of magic when seeing and using a Soda Water Maker

Gone are the days where there were only a few flavours to choose from. Now the types of drink that you can conjure up are unlimited. From simple sparkling water, to cola, ginger ale, raspberry and mint and pink grapefruit. If you want to mix it up even more or just want a hint of flavour, then you can also opt for their Fruit Drops. In 8 different flavours including watermelon, peach, and raspberry, there’s no saying you have to stick to just one flavour. With an array to choose from it allows you to get creative and mix and match.  There’s even some recipes on their site for inspiration. 

Sodastream Soda Press Co Cordials

This beauty is compact, fits comfortably under the kitchen cabinet and is cordless, which means it can literally go anywhere. There are 3 different SodaStream models to choose from. This is the Spirit Hydration pack and comes with the Soda Water Maker, carbonating cylinder, 2x 1L and 2x 0.5l bottles and 2 Soda Press flavourings. 

How long you whizz is completely up to you, but either way it takes seconds to make. If you fancy a light spritz then just a couple of pulses is required. For the more sparkling fanatics then 5+ is where you need to be. 

Sodastream Ginger Ale Cordial

If you are worried that these cordials are going to be thick syrupy and sugary, then you needn’t be. Their new flavours are organic, vegan, GMO free, gluten-free, and some even vegan. They also contain 20% less sugar. Being in glass bottles I naturally love, and are far better for the environment and easily recyclable. 

The ginger ale was by far the strongest and found less was needed to achieve a balanced flavour. It too was my favourite and good with a gin in! The Blueberry and Lime was much more subtle and although it says a couple of tablespoons, more was needed to get a hit of flavour. 

Sodastream Soda Press Co Blueberry and Lime

I was a little concerned that with the gas and flavours they wouldn’t last all that long, and in the long run would work out more expensive. It is bound to be more cost effective in the long run after the initial outlay. Each gas cylinder is £12.99 and makes up to 60L, and the flavours are £7.99 and make up to 16 drinks. The bottles do need to be refrigerated after opening, however they are tall which means fitting them in the fridge is a bit tricky, if you don’t want to lie them down. 

On the whole I am really impressed with this SodaStream. It’s been in continual use since its arrival and everyone in the house is enjoying it. Making it is easy peasy, it cuts down on single use plastic, the smaller bottles mean you can take them on the go, and there are quite a few flavours on offer. 

Nibbles ‘n’ Scribbles x

* SodaStream have gifted me the SodaStream Spirit Hydration Pack, but all views are my own*.

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    Subtle hint of cola bottles with a herbal aftertaste

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