Great British Biscotti Banoffee Pie

Great British Biscotti Banoffee Pie

When I spied the Great British Biscotti Banoffee Pie biscotti at the local garden centre I practically hopped skipped and jumped my way to get them! Continuing their dessert theme this joins their Pecan Pie and Sour Cherry & Dark Chocolate biscotti. 

I first stumbled across Great British Biscotti Co over on Twitter. Twitter is a wonderful place to discover new people, brands and for me all things foodie related. Christchurch is the home to Great British Biscotti Co where a small team of artisan bakers are giving this twice baked Italian nibble more life.  

If you are wondering what their other flavours are then you can find my review of their sweet biscotti here and their savoury biscotti here

They’re mostly available in shops in the Dorset area. If you’re lucky you may see them further afield and have been creeping up into Surrey. There’s also a limited range on Ocado, Amazon and NotontheHighStreet for those who haven’t seen them in shops

Coming in at £2.99 per box it is hard to pick just one flavour. 

Great British Biscotti Banoffee Pie Biscottii

YES YES YES! These are absolutely bang on. The banana flavour was so delicious. Finally a food that actually tastes like banana and the real deal. The toffee pieces were gnarly in places, and were smaller pieces in others, both of which you could taste and provided a little chewy texture. It suggested to pair these with ice cream and I can confirm that this is an excellent pairing. They were also nice dipped in hot milk and hot chocolate.  

These Great British Biscotti Banoffee Pie are my new favourites. Sweet, delicious and a little different to what is out there. 

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