Taffy Mail Subscription Box Part 2

Taffy Mail Box

Friday marked Part 1 (read it here if you missed it) of the Taffy Mail Classic Subscription box so naturally today’s post is the concluding part, hurrah!  So let’s get to it. 

Funyuns Onion Flavoured Rings: These Funyuns are an unknown entity to me, however I have of course come across onion flavoured ring crisps, they are a buffet staple! This packet was rather mushed when it arrived and as expected the onions rings inside were not exactly fully formed. Opening up I expected to be hit with onion flavour, like you get with Monster Munch, but alas there was none. If you thought it would get better when you started eating them well you have another think coming. Apparently a zesty flavour of onion, these Funyuns are oddly salted and a bit cheese like. I like the fact the have that good old crunch but where is the onion? Stick to your Monster Munch guys and gals!

Twinkies: The American snack cake has been overtaken by Minions and anything with Minions on is slightly more exciting than some plain old packaging. Golden Cake with cream filling, it is the original Twinkie. The first challenge was getting the cake off the cardboard insert, it had literally welded itself where most of it remained. Of what I got off the sponge was bouncy, light and not at all dry, the cream however was incredibly sweet and so overpowering and resembled claggy foam, which does not lend itself to the Twinkie as a whole. I don’t really understand the American obsession with Twinkies, they are an overly sweet, flavourless sponge number, and there are far more tastier sponge cakes I would rather eat. Even the Minions cannot sway me on this one. 

Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch: Aside from Fruity Juicy Red and a picture of some surfing cartoon I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this soda. Somewhere between flat and fizzy, this bright red soda reminded me of a cherry flavoured Lilt. It was nice but nothing special. I’d happily drink it if there was a can in the fridge but I wouldn’t go out my way to buy a can.  

Milk Duds

Milk Duds: It’s one of those that I have heard of, probably from a film or American TV show, but hadn’t a clue what they were. So what are they? First off they are Hershey Chocolate, secondly they are little nuggets of caramel enrobed with milk chocolate. The caramel was exceptionally chewy, any more than a handful and you really would be chewing for days, yes I did make that mistake. The caramel was dark, chewy and buttery, just as you’d hope for, more surprisingly however was the chocolate was not at all typical Hershey’s quality, it was rather milky and delicious. These Milk Duds are super moreish, and despite the jaw ache I did continue to chew away and would happily have these again. 

Take 5: Another Hershey Company Number this is the one that got me most excited, why I hear you ask…because it contains Peanut Butter *cue happy dance*. Combining pretzels, caramel, peanuts and peanut butter all covered in chocolate, boy did I have high hopes for this. Split into two little bars, biting in you can see the distinct layer of chocolate, caramel, peanut butter and pretzels. I did think there maybe too much going on in this small bar but in actual fact I loved it all. The chocolate is milky and creamy, the peanut butter smooth and salty and the pretzels gives a contrasting texture with its biscuity crunch. I didn’t taste the salted pretzel but the peanut butter made up for it. Take 5 gets a high five from me! Now where can I buy another one?

And there lies the end of the Classic Box* by Taffy Mail. By far my favourite goodies were the Milk Duds, Mike and Ike Zours and the Take 5 chocolate bar, they are all ones you have to try for yourselves. Like any subscription boxes there are going to be some things you love and some you don’t, and at £14.99 it’s not too bad a price to pay for 10-12 items, especially given paying the import costs in the UK you are looking at an average of £2-£3 per item. If you want to sign up to next month’s Taffy Mail box, or want more information visit their website here

Nibbles ‘n’ Scribbles x

*A big thank you to Taffy Mail for sending me their Classic Box to try! 

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