Cadbury Dairy Milk Out of the Blueberry

Cadbury Dairy Milk Out of the Blueberry

Last Year Cadbury gave us the chance to invent our own chocolate bar and I am sensing the success of this has led them to do so again this year. This time around there were another three, although the Honeycomb one seems to have been withdrawn due to concerns over nuts. There are still two others so let’s kick start with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Out of the Blueberry.

Although the competition is now closed and the results of the winner will be imminently revealed, you can still get your hands on the two remaining bars. This is the one I was most intrigued about, because blueberries in chocolate is not something I have ever come across. Created by a mum who’s son is obsessed with blueberries, this bar combines milk chocolate with blueberry-flavoured nuggets and white chocolate crisp pearls.

Each bar is 105g, although the chunks seem smaller than standard bars. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Out of the Blueberry ReviewFor something that is a little quirky it was delicious. The white chocolate crisp pearls, although didn’t bring much flavour it did give crunch, which is important. The blueberry flavour comes through really well and leaves you wanting more. The blueberries weren’t in every chunk but that didn’t matter the bar was still yummy and thoroughly enjoyable. 

This Cadbury Dairy Milk Out of the Blueberry lived up to expectations and will be the one to beat. I do hope that this is the winner as I would buy this regularly. 

Have you tried any of the inventor bars? Which is your fave?

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