Benefit Candy Coated Countdown Final

Another year, another advent calendar completed. The last door has been opened *cue sad face* but at least there are goodies left behind rather than a depleted ripped empty chocolate advent. As you know I have already reviewed what was Benefits first 12 offerings, lets see what the last 12 have brought us.

13. Posietint – Poppy pink tinted lip and cheek stain. This is more subtle than Benetint that we had on Day 11. The great thing about these tints is that unlike blushers that fade quickly, these last pretty much most of the day. Easy to apply and blends in fabulously but you have to be quick before it drys, otherwise you will have a patchy situation. They do recommend popping a sweep of blusher over the top but its not a necessity.

Benefit Mini

14. Black Bow Hair Tie: Just a hair tie! 

15. Ooh La Lift – Instant under eye brightening boost that instantly perks up tired eyes… where do I sign up? Perfect little bottle, a little does go a long way. I did see some difference and certainly looked a little brighter eyed and less tired.

16. Highbeam – luminescent complexion enhancer. Satiny pink that creates a radiant, fresh complexion on all skin tones. From the outside I was wary that you wouldn’t notice a difference but I was pleasantly surprised by this. They have matched the shade perfectly to be able to use it on any areas you wish to highlight, and it really does what it says on the bottle.

Benefit Beauty

17. Notelets

18. That Gal – Brightening face primer, turn your skin from dull to dazzling in a few seconds. I love this. It’s subtle but enough to give you a dewy glow and it is perfect for using standalone or under make-up. I have also used this over make up as a tint / blusher and it works perfectly too. Versatile to the max!

19. Pink Spotty Hair Tie

20. Ultra Plush Lipgloss – An every day shade. To be honest not something I would go out my way to buy, but it is nonetheless a lovely lipgloss.

21. Watt’s Up! – Another staple to my daily make-up routine that I cannot live without. Simply glide the creamy stick to your cheeks, blend and ta-da, a gorgeous champagne glow. You do have to be
careful not to be too heavy handed in the application and making sure it is blended well (I use the sponge applicator and my fingers); but it gives you natural glow that lasts hours and is perfect to give you a bit of sparkle when you don’t feel like wearing much make-up.

Benefit Minis

22. Bad Gal Lash – This is by far my favourite mascara and I have tried a lot. I definitely rate this higher than Benefit’s They’re Real and am a great believer that a more expensive mascara is 100% worth it! This mascara adds volume and definition to lashes, no clumping and is easily removed. If you can manage to get the double pack with a standard and travel size it is even better value for money.

23. Cha Cha Tint – Same concept as the Posie-Tint just this is in a mango shade giving you a tropical sun-kissed glow. I haven’t used Cha Cha tint before, given the shade it would look gorgeous on tanned skin so will be saving this for the summer months.

24. Fake Up – I use this every day. Unlike most concealers I have used over the years, this has hydrating qualities that actual work, it is perfect for those prone to dry skin, easy to blend and build up coverage, and is particularly lasting if paired with a primer beforehand, or even Benefit’s Stay don’t stray.

And there we have it, Candy Coated Countdown has come to an end. Do I think Benefit have improved on last years Countdown to Love calendar … No. Why? Simple really, this years had far less make-up. In total 1/4 of the calendar’s contents were not technically Benefit items, of which 3 were hair ties and 2 were sticky notes. Now lets face it Benefit could have been less repetitive and more imaginative, perhaps having a discount voucher or complimentary makeover or included more skincare or showcased their fragrances; the world was their oyster with options. Also Benefit clearly have not considered people who don’t have long hair, who like me don’t have the hair to tie back in the first place, what are we going to do wear these hair ties as bracelets…..?

Where there are negatives there are also positives and these should not go unnoticed. It’s a unique calendar, a fab idea for anyone who loves Benefit Cosmetics and they have included some of their newer products to try. Would I buy their calendar next year if they do one? That remains undecided.

If you have any comments or thoughts please do leave one below, it would be great to hear from you.

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