Turkey Hill Maple Cream Cookies

Turkey Hill Maple Cream Cookies

Is it a cookie or is it a biscuit? If there was one thing I was hoping our Canadian guests were going to bring aside from the Maple Syrup of course.. it was these iconic Maple Cream Cookies.

Inside this autumnal box are 18 maple leaf shaped cookies filled with a creamy and pure maple syrup filling. Sounds like a little bit of food heaven.

Maple Cream CookiesNow can we take a moment for that filling, that is how a biscuit filling should be!

If you aren’t into sweet things then these are not the ones for you. The thick biscuit halves are crisp, slightly short and are the perfect base to the thick maple cream. The filling itself is sweet but has a real distinguished maple flavour to it that lets you know maple is here baby!

If you are a dunker of your biscuits then I can vouch that these are just as delicious dunked in tea and coffee. They hold their shape, even a prolonged dunk didn’t lead to a collapse.

I don’t think it is any surprise that I Love Love Love these Turkey Hill Maple Cream Cookies. The shape, filling, favour. It has it all! Now just to get my hands on these in the UK.

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