Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy! Cookie Dough

Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy Cookie Dough

Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy! Cookie Dough is another chocolate bar from across the pond, and a bar I never knew even existed. Dairy Milk and Milka already have a Chips Ahoy! bar but this is taking it back a step before the cookies are even baked. Cookie dough is a glorious thing but in a chocolate bar it is certainly intriguing, so lets find out how it fairs.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy Cookie DoughMilk chocolate and cookie dough pieces.

I thought the Milka Chips Ahoy! bar was sugary sweet but crikey this one takes the biscuit, quite literally. The milk chocolate was delightfully creamy and melted in the mouth however this is where the goodness ended. Instantaneously I was hit with a raw sickly sweet punch that I can only assume was from the cookie dough. There was a mix of chunks and little bits of cookie dough which were plentiful and softer than the cookie dough you get in the infamous Ben & Jerry’s tubs. As a whole this bar just doesn’t work. The balance of flavours isn’t right at all and normally I wouldn’t complain about things being packed full of cookies, but I think on this occasion there was just too much cookie dough in this bar. In actual fact I think even if there was less cookie dough the taste wouldn’t be right.

Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy! Cookie Dough is not a winner at all. Of the two Dairy Milk Bars I have had from Canada the Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar is certainly the champion of champions. Dairy Milk you stick to just baked Chips Ahoy! and I shall stick to my cookie dough in ice cream thank you very much. 

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  1. Raquel
    3rd August 2016 / 11:22 am

    I too love the cookie dough ice cream, but I will be sure to give this a miss if I ever get a bar!! Thanks again for a honest review 🙂

    • Nibbles 'n' Scribbles
      4th August 2016 / 3:38 pm

      You’re welcome. Stick to the Ben & Jerry’s!! xx

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