Berczy Winter Cola Hard Seltzer *

Berczy Winter Cola Review Hard Seltzer

Hands up if you are getting excited for Christmas! I think we can tell that I am given todays post and with it being only 1 month to go. Earlier this year Berczy hit the shelves with 3 flavours. Fast forward to the precipice of Christmas festivities and they have released a new winter version of Berczy Winter Cola.

You may recall I previously reviewed the original flavours and was pleasantly surprised with how alcoholic sparkling water could be, well, nice. Aside from the new limited edition flavour they too have become carbon neutral! Well done!

So what is Berczy?

Combining British sparkling water, filtered sugar beet alcohol and real fruit flavours, Berczy Alcoholic Sparkling Water is all about quality, natural ingredients and providing a refreshing approach to alcoholic drinks.

You can pick up a box from their shop online or at Amazon *. Depending on whether you get a taster pack or a box of 12 they are around £2.20 – £2.49 a tin.

Berczy Winter Cola Hard Seltzer

Boasting a light, all natural twist on a nostalgic Cola, this hard seltzer is made with Kola Nut & Lime. It has a slight cloudy pale yellow colour and a spritz of fizz. From the first crack of the ring pull it was surprising that it actually smelt like cola. After a while a hint of citrus becomes more apparent.

It still had the slight dryness that sparkling water has but not to the same degree, which is preferred. Taste wise it is the opposite. The lime hits first and the cola lingers on afterwards. It isn’t an intense cola flavour so if you are expecting that you will be disappointed. Instead what you get is a light and rather refreshing drink.

This Berczy Winter Cola is a really easy drink to sip away at. It was enjoyable on its own and with a cheeky gin in. It’s a good addition to the family and who doesn’t love a little winter Christmas packaging!

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* Berczy Alcoholic Winter Cola was gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Link also contains affiliate link. Please see my disclosure page for more information

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