Mars Choc Brownie Bar

Mars Choc Brownie

The Mars Choc Brownie Bar is a twist on the original Mars bar. Whether you are a traditionalist or not the addition of brownie maybe enough to tempt you to try this new chocolate bar. It has been around for a while and opinions are certainly divided. 

Singular or in a multipack getting your hands on the Mars Choc Brownie Bar is easy peasy. They can be found in all major supermarkets, online supermarkets and even newsagents and range from 60p upwards. 

One would assume that with the offer of ‘chocolate brownie’ you would get a soft, slightly squishy chocolatey baked good. However don’t be fooled as there is no brownie. In fact the descriptions says it all – “thick chocolate nougat with dark caramel covered in milk chocolate”

Mars Choc Brownie BarMars Choc Brownie per 40g bar: 181 kcal, 3.2g sat fat, 22.6g sugar, 4.6g protein 

Aside from the darker appearance the set-up looks the same as the original. The caramel is noticeable darker both in looks and taste. Paired this thick sticky layer with the chocolate nougat and milk chocolate casing, this makes for one chocolatey bar. Surprisingly I didn’t think this one was as sweet as a regular mars bar. The texture was firmer, which is certainly down to the chunkier denser nougat, which actually on the whole I enjoyed.  

For someone who only has a Mars bar on a very rare occasion, I did enjoy this Mars Choc Brownie Bar. Although the brownie side of things is a real stretch of the imagination, the subtle changes they have made to this new bar are positive. I can’t say that I’m going to start eating these regularly but would happily pick one of these up every now and again.  

Have you given this new bar a try? What are your thoughts? 

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