FATSO Dark Chocolate *

FATSO Dark Chocolate *

There’s a new dark chocolate bar in town and it is seriously chunky! Yes dark choc is getting a glow up thanks to FATSO which launched in March with three big 150g bars that have their own distinct personalities.

I cannot talk about these bars without mentioning the name. Taking it lightheartedly it is fun, memorable and will get people talking. The packaging and design is sleek, eye-catching and importantly all is recyclable, even down to the compostable wrapping.

Each bar uses the best cocoa from family-run Luker’s Farm in Colombia, as well as supporting an initiative that ensures sustainable development from improving farmer income, strengthening the social wellbeing of local communities, and maintaining an environmental balance in cocoa growing communities.

These chunky monkeys are 150g and are available to buy nationwide and on their website. Coming in at an RRP of £5.95 these are by no means on the budget side, however for quality and supporting local communities you can understand the higher price.

Fatso Home RunHome Run a 60% cacao bar in homage to the baseball game with bumper chunks of salted pretzel, whole almonds and honeycomb

The pretzel chunks are a big win here to give this bar some texture. Their slight saltiness also helps cut through the dark chocolate, with the almonds bringing some nuttiness.

Fatso Morn'n GloryMorn’n Glory Choca-doodle-doo here we have a 60% cacao breakfast-inspired combo of cornflake, toast and orange marmalade

Who hasn’t dreamt about it being A-Okay to have chocolate for breakfast? Well could this be your lucky day. The flavours on this one were the most muted of all. The orange really struggled against the dark chocolate and was hard to detect, and as for the cornflakes they felt non-existant.

I feel this one could have been packed with so much more filling. With just 4% mixed peel and 3% cornflakes this just wasn’t enough to come close to the mighty dark chocolate.

Nan's Stash Dark ChocolateNan’s Stash – Of course raiding the snack drawer at nan’s is a must. Here we have a 70% cacao packed with peanuts, toffee and digestive biscuits.

Saving the best till last, this bar may be back up to 70% but the flavours come through so much better. The peanuts are crunchy and whole, the digestive biscuits give it that crumble and the toffee just about peeks through with some chewiness.

The dark chocolate is second to none. It smells dark and inviting and tastes rich and indulgent. The thick and chunky mismatch shaped bar has a gloriously satisfying snap. FATSO have done a grand job with the quality of this chocolate bar. For me where there is room for improvement is if you are giving the consumer a filled bar, let the chocolate be the shining star but pack that filling in, there’s certainly room for it!

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* These were gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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