Metcalfe’s Jumbles Eton Mess Popcorn

Metcalfe's Jumbles Eton Mess Popcorn

Popcorn has taken a bit of a back seat however Metcalfe’s have released two new flavours which promise to be a completely new popcorn experience. How you ask? Well not only do they feature real fruit pieces, they have also marketed it as combining different tastes and textures. I am not sure what they mean by this given surely that is in essence what popcorn is, and what Joe & Seph’s have been nailing for sometime. However let’s see. First up is Metcalfe’s Jumbles Eton Mess Popcorn.

Available in most supermarkets and online, this popcorn is gluten free, veggie friendly, and made without artificial flavours and colourings. RRP is £1.79 and the bag is 55g. As with most popcorn, crisps and snack packs there is an excess of packaging in comparison to actual contents. 

“Strawberry flavour popped corn with sugar and sweeteners, with mini meringues and pieces of dried strawberries”. Metcalfe’s have chosen a popular British dessert and attempted to give it to us at a fraction of the naughtiness. 

Metcalfe's Jumbles Eton Mess PopcornPer 1/3 pack: 80 kcal, 0.2g sat fat, 7.2g sugar, 1.1g protein

I so wanted to like this but I just didn’t. Although perfectly popped, there wasn’t much flavour to the popcorn and the texture was all wrong. The meringue and strawberry pieces were on the large side and naturally were a bit dry. Pair that with popcorn with a little dusting on, it makes for a whole lot of dry popcorn. What’s this Metcalfe’s Jumbles Eton Mess Popcorn missing? The cream!

The creativity is there, and is likely to be a plus for those who want a bit of a guilt free snack, however for me it is just not worth it. Keep an eye out on the blog for their Toffee Apple Popcorn. 

Metcalfe’s plans to add new flavours to the line in 2020. Any guesses to what these flavours might be?

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