Fit Kitchen Pad Thai Chicken with Zesty Sauce

Fit Kitchen Pad Thai Chicken with Zesty Sauce

Quick and easy meals are a godsend when you are in a hurry or simple haven’t the motivation to cook. I have been on the hunt for something that fits this description and that is not just your bog standard ready meal with an atrocious nutritional value, and enough ingredients listed it could be a novel. Enter Fit Kitchen

I spotted these vibrant looking dishes whilst perusing Instagram and as if by magic I found them on my latest trip to Sainsbury’s. On offer for £3.00, RRP £3.80 I thought that was a pretty average price for what appeared a fresh wholesome meal. Fit Kitchen has been curated by nutritionist Sharmain Davis and Professional Masterchef winner Ash Mair and is designed to target those who simply choose a healthy lifestyle. Currently there are 4 varieties on offer, today’s Pad Thai Chicken with Zesty Sauce, Middle Eastern Grilled Chicken, Malaysian Grilled Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken. Unfortunately if you don’t like chicken or are vegetarian you are going to have to sit this one out.

Fit Kitchen Pad Thai

Coming in a reusable container these are not suitable for freezing. Some are gluten free but be sure to check the packaging and all are designed to provide high protein, fibre and make a dent in your fruit and veg daily intake. The sauce comes separately and you are required to pour over before popping it in the microwave to heat. Hey pesto 4 minutes later you are done. 

Fit Kitchen Pad Thai ChickenPer pot: 288 kcal, 1.4g sat fat, 18g sugar, 33g protein.

First off it smells de-lic-ious! From observations a negligible amount of the greens were a little crispy from the microwave but other than that it cooked well. The abundance of vegetables made for a great base to the dish and had a little crunch to them. The addition of peanuts is essential however they did not have their usual intense flavour and crunch factor which I feel is to do with microwaving them, and it would be better off having these in a separate package to sprinkle over the top at the end. What also took me by surprise was the chicken. Normally you don’t get this much let alone chicken that is actually juicy, flavoursome and tastes like actual chicken. Yes that may read a tad odd but you know what I mean when you have chicken that is a bit plastic like, well this isn’t. The zesty sauce is predominately lime based and a little too on the salty side if you get a big mouthful. Personally I poured some of the sauce away as I don’t like things to heavy and prefer just a coating. 

As a whole I highly enjoyed this Fit Kitchen Pad Thai Chicken. Flavoursome, filling and a good price, I would definitely try some of the others in their range as well as buy this one again. What I like about Fit Kitchen aside from this delicious dish is they have given us a ready meal that is something I would not normally make. Thumbs up to Fit Kitchen. 

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