KitKat Chunky White Lotus Biscoff

KitKat Chunky White Lotus Biscoff

KitKat Chunky White Lotus Biscoff, it is the cross over that you simply must try. We have been teased about these since the beginning of the year, but they are finally here.

Exclusive to Tesco at present this KitKat Chunky sits in a strong line of recent additions.

Boasting an inviting description this white chocolate bar is filled with crispy wafer topped with a layer of the signature Lotus speculoos spread and biscuit crumb, and wrapped in a layer of smooth white chocolate. YUM.

White Lotus Biscoff KitKat Chunky ReviewHonestly even if you are not a white chocolate fan you MUST try these.

It is not overtly sweet, and the shining star, which was wholly missing in the milk version, is the biscoff, right there in all its glory. There is such a good amount that as you bite it smooshes with the multiple layers of wafer and thick layer of white chocolate. The combination of it all just works.

The KitKat Chunky White Lotus Biscoff is an absolute winner. A compete polar opposite of its milk chocolate compadre if you see one grab it, devour and enjoy!

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