Mr Kipling After Dinner Chocolate Orange Fancies

Mr Kipling After Dinner Chocolate Orange Fancies

French Fancies have gotten fancier! Part of the expanding Mr Kipling Signature Collection this collection first launched last year in response to the growing demand of wanting treats that give distinct, high quality flavours. Now there is another new flavour, Mr Kipling After Dinner Chocolate Orange Fancies.

Each box contains 6 fancies in an inner cardboard box and cost £2.50. The packaging is certainly sleeker and more streamlined than before, and frankly you can’t really miss the vibrant orange. 

After Dinner Chocolate Orange Fancies

Not exactly uniformed in the box, some appeared to have been launched in their individual wrappers. As you can see the usually cake base has been replaced with a chocolate flavoured sponge. Wrapped in chocolate fondant icing it is exactly as the original fancies. The topping is replaced with that same vibrant orange and flavoured accordingly. The only issue? These aren’t exactly like your average chocolate orange. So before you even think the it might have similar flavours to an actual chocolate orange, think again. Sweet is an understatement. It reaches a whole new sweetness level and the orange is quite artificial in taste. The chocolate itself is quite muted and just doesn’t go all that well with the orange. 

These Mr Kipling After Dinner Chocolate Orange Fancies are supposed to ooze some decadence and feel more premium than the standard fancies. Unfortunately for me they completely miss the mark. I like the idea of them experimenting with the flavours and giving us something a bit fancier, they just need to be executed well. 

Have you tried these or the After Dinner Mint Fancies? What are your thoughts?

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