We Are Tea Black Teas *

We Are Tea Black Tea

A cup of tea is a big hug in a mug and is what gets me going in the morning. Thankfully the lovely people at We are Tea are on hand and kindly sent me another selection of their teas to try. I have previously reviewed a number of their teas which proved delicious, and today I’m delving further into their selection with a variety of the We Are Tea Black Teas.

What makes We are Tea different from the rest? Well they are a small UK based team, use only whole leaf tea, use 100% biodegradable teabags and are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Added to this is there are A LOT of flavours to choose from so if you can’t find a tea here to tickle your fancy I am not sure if you will anywhere else.  

We Are Tea English Breakfast Black TeaEnglish Breakfast Black Tea* £2.99

First up is the English Breakfast Black Tea. I will always be an English Breakfast tea kind of gal through and through, so I was most happy to see that this was included. This had a good depth of flavour to it, was strong enough to really hit the spot and was just as good on its own as well as with milk (sorry I just cannot do black tea first thing in the morning). A jolly good tea all round.

We Are Tea Ceylon with Vanilla Black TeaCeylon with Vanilla Black Tea* £2.99

Vanilla in tea what is this sorcery I hear you cry. How could this taste nice, well because it can and it does. Yes I did not think it would float my boat but I was most surprised how well these two partner up. The tea has a dark, slightly bitterness to it that English Breakfast naturally does, however is lifted with a natural taste and aroma of fresh vanilla that gives it a little sweet edge. Now eagle eyed readers may question why I have used a tea pot with this one and not the other two, well I opened this box up expecting tea bags as the box says, however was met with loose tea leaves. Good job I had a tea pot!

We Are Tea Earl Grey Supreme Black TeaEarl Grey Supreme Black Tea* £2.99

This little purple packaged beauty has won 4 Great Taste awards and comprises of a blend of Keemun, Darjeeling, Ceylon, Assam, bergamot oil and cornflowers. I am not one to choose Earl Grey, personally I find it too florally and perfumed for my liking and was a tad apprehensive when I gave this a sniff. What translated in taste was different, I didn’t leave it to brew too long and the flavour that came through was subtle, smooth and pleasant but still had the iconic Earl Grey flavour. 

Above all the We are Tea Black Teas on offer here today English Breakfast will always be my go to. Although I wouldn’t buy the Earl Grey I was most certainly surprised at how drinkable it was and those who love this flavour are sure to love this one. Ceylon with Vanilla was a glorious twist and a very good pairing for after dinner or when you want something sweet.   

If you fancy giving We are Tea a try they currently have buy one get one half price for the whole of February over on their website here

Keep your eyes on the blog for part 2 of We are Tea coming soon. 

What are your favourite teas? Am I missing out on a particular flavour or brand? 

Nibbles ‘n’ Scribbles x

*A huge thank you to We are Tea for sending me these free samples to try. All opinions are my own.

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    • Nibbles 'n' Scribbles
      20th February 2018 / 4:45 pm

      I love that they are too! Fruity teas are delish, I have tried green tea a number of times but I just cannot get on with them. xx

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