National Tea Day With We Are Tea Moroccan Mint *

We are Tea Moroccan Mint

Happy National Tea Day! Did you know that we Brits drink 165 million cups of tea A DAY! Barmey but utterly believable, we are a nation that L. O. V. E loves tea. So what could be more appropriate on a day like today than celebrating with We Are Tea Moroccan Mint *. 

We are Tea are a brand that I love and they do great high quality tea. Their track record on my blog is up there and my last haul of black teas proved to be a real gooden, so I am excited for today’s choice. Usually I don’t opt for green tea, we don’t have a good history, every time I give it another chance it still has that overall bitter twang to it that has me pouring it down the sink.

The decision was taken out my hands here as this We Are Tea Moroccan Mint was part of a selection of teas that We Are Tea kindly sent me. As always they advise how best to make the tea, this time around the perfect Moroccan Mint can be had using water at 80 degrees, that’s about two minute or so after it has boiled, then brew your tea for 2-3 minutes. Simple.

We are Tea Moroccan Mint Green TeaRefreshing balance of hand rolled green tea leaves from China and peppermint leaf

First and foremost there wasn’t a bitter taste in sight. In fact this was one refreshing and delightful cup of tea. The mint aspect is on the softer side in comparison to their Peppermint Leaf which I adore. I like my mint strong and I do wish there was a bit more oomph but the flavour carries through nicely. In comparison to green teas I have had before this is worlds apart, and I think this is down to a) making it correctly – pouring fresh boiling water apparently makes it bitter and b) the quality.

Once again I am pleasantly surprised. This Moroccan Mint Green Tea has become a staple in the evening after dinner as well as when I fancy a little refresher. Those of you who aren’t all that keen on green tea I would urge you to try We are Tea versions and see if they too can change your perception. 

If you fancy it you can buy the We Are Tea Moroccan Mint and other flavours on their online shop here.  

Have a fabulous weekend, I’m off for a cuppa. 

Nibbles ‘n’ Scribbles x

*A huge thank you to We are Tea for sending me this free sample to try. All opinions are my own

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