KitKat Lemon Drizzle #mybreak

KitKat Lemon Drizzle

There is a new KitKat on the block and I had no idea. It was only on a whim outing that I spied the new KitKat Lemon Drizzle and it transpires that it will only be available in Asda. Last year we saw the sneaky release of the KitKat Chunky New York Cheesecake which was surprisingly good and cheesecake-y, and I am pleased to see that KitKat have gone for a new 2 finger flavour. 

To be fair I wasn’t sure how I felt about putting lemon drizzle and chocolate with wafer together, it isn’t the most obvious of combinations. However in the interest of seeing if you really can get the taste of one of my favourite cakes into a chocolate bar, I simply couldn’t resist.

KitKat Lemon Drizzle FingersPer 2 Fingers: 105 kcal, 2.9g sat fat, 10.5g sugar, 1.4g protein. £1.99 per pack

Without a doubt KitKat you have NAILED it! The ratio of the chocolate, lemon drizzle flavour, and wafer are perfect with none of them competing with one another. Using milk chocolate I think is the right move, dark would have been too bitter and white far too sweet. The milk chocolate was creamy and smooth, the wafer crispy and crunchy, and the lemon drizzle was sweet and tangy. I don’t know how they have managed to get this to taste of lemon drizzle cake, especially as it is only lemon flavoured milk chocolate, but it really does. 

I think these are probably going to be a love them or hate them, but I for one love them. KitKat Lemon Drizzle bars you have taken the crown and are my new favourite. If you haven’t got your hands on these yet I would absolutely get it on your shopping list. 

Have you tried the new KitKat Lemon Drizzle bars? What are your thoughts? 

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