You, Me and A Cup of We Are Tea

Tea glorious tea I cannot live without thee. Yes folks tea is the name of the game today and is courtesy of We Are Tea. Those long standing readers may remember that I adored We Are Tea’s English Breakfast and Peppermint Leaf which was my first sniff of what they had on offer.  A few weeks back […]

We Are Tea

We Are Tea Loose Tea

Where would Great Britain be without tea? I know I would be completely lost and unable to function! It is all about tea on the blog today and in particular We Are Tea. So who are We are Tea I hear you cry… Simply put they are exactly what they say on the packet. They are an ethical […]

PG Tips Peppermint Capsules

PG Tips Peppermint Capsules

Rejoice there are now Nespresso compatible tea capsules! PG Tips haven’t just gone for their standard tea, oh no no, they have hit us with 4 new compatible capsules, Caramel & Vanilla Black Tea, Green Tea, Raspberry & Apple and today’s review Peppermint. I heart Peppermint tea and the very fact there is now PG Tips […]