Waitrose Cherry Bakewell Scones

Waitrose Cherry Bakewell Scones

Put down your fruity, cheesey or plain scones because things have just got interesting. Waitrose Cherry Bakewell Scones have sneaked onto the shelves, almost as silent as the Heston’s Cherry Bakewell Hot Cross Buns they did back in Easter, but there is no hiding them from me. 

The very fact the quintessentially British afternoon tea staple has been given a cherry bakewell make over is both daring yet genius. For those longstanding blog readers (you’re amazing thank you!) you will recall I raved about the Cherry Bakewell Hot Cross Buns and I am hoping these scones are on par. 

For 4 chunky and slightly rustic looking scones it cost me £1.80 on Ocado. These are vegetarian friendly and for those who can’t eat all of them, the best before dates can be pretty naff, they are also freezable. The scone itself had the height I expect from a scone and had ample almond slivers on top, and glace cherries poking out the side. The smell alone was deliciously sweet with that signature almond marzipan aroma, which certainly got me eager to crack one open. 

Waitrose Cherry Bakewell SconesHandcrafted all butter cherry and almond scones

There were no serving suggestions on the packet so I opted for a smattering of butter, but equally I can see you topping these with cream and cherry jam for an extra cherry hit. Going in for a bite the cherries were sweet, squishy and juicy. The close texture of the scone sadly made for a dry scone however when you hit a cherry the juiciness certainly made up for it, and they seemed to be packed with some almond flavouring. The almond slivers had become pretty floppy and didn’t bring that much to the table other than for decoration purposes, but the almond within the scone was bang on what you expect from bakewell without being synthetic.

As a whole I cannot knock the flavouring with these Waitrose Cherry Bakewell Scones. It is everything I want in a cherry bakewell but let down by the dryness of the scone itself. Certainly one to give a go for any of you cherry bakewell lovers but on this basis the Cherry Bakewell Hot Cross Buns remain as the top dog.

See you all tomorrow for the start of the Monster Munchies Halloween Special! 

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  1. E
    18th October 2016 / 5:06 am

    These look great! I wanted to leave a comment because I’m a long-time lurker, and I feel bad. Know that your reviews bring me joy – I know it’s not the same as comments, but it’s more genuine sometimes.
    These sound lush. But – shock, horror! – you’re always meant to have scones with jam and cream! You’re missing out on half the point! Glad they’re properly risen; there’s nothing worse than a flat scone, particularly when I’m used to be my Mum’s monsters.

    Anyway, thank you, and I’m sorry I don’t comment. I never have anything worthwhile to say.

    PS The big question: do you say scone (gone) or scone (cone)?

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