White Chocolate Smarties Buttons

White Chocolate Smarties Buttons

Happy Friday! Smarties fans you are in for a treat! After 83 years you can now get Smarties in button form, what a time to be alive! You may have seen my review of the Milk Chocolate Smarties Buttons earlier this week, if you didn’t you can catch up here. Today it is the turn of these White Chocolate Smarties Buttons.

They are available in sharing (err what does that mean?) and single packs. Each white choc sharing pouch contains 85g and has a pretty excessive size bag for the actual contents. As mentioned before the sizes do differ depending on flavour. If you know why this is then let me, and the other readers know. 

These were found in Tesco and at the time were £1 a pouch. If you want to give the Orange Chocolate version a go then Asda is where you need to hop to. 

New White Chocolate Smarties ButtonsIn comparison to the Milk Chocolate version these were more striking, and appealing to the eye, but were inconsistent. There were some with just a single mini Smartie, and some without any at all. The only joy to having none was it was like having a really thick and chunky Milkybar button!! Yes the white chocolate tastes exactly the same as a Milkybar. There isn’t much to say about these really. On the whole it’s sweet and creamy, and works perfectly with the crispy milk choclate smarties.  

These White Chocolate Smarties Buttons are by far my favourite. They look fun and appealing, and they taste good. Two classic Nestlé treats have come together and have made a pretty moreish chocolatey treat, and you should put them on the ‘to buy’ list! 

Have you tried the new Smarties Buttons? What do you think?

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