Cadbury Orange Chocolate Buttons

Earlier this week I reviewed the Orange Chocolate Fingers and today it is the turn of the Cadbury Orange Chocolate Buttons. Combining both smooth and creamy Dairy Milk chocolate with a citrus-fresh orange hint, I wondered if these would be like little puddles of Twirl Orange joy.  Currently available in Londis and Budgens stores I found mine in the latter, which also seems to be where most people are finding them. They will also be venturing into One Stop stores now and Tesco from September, although they have already been spotted in Tesco. These retail at £1.99 a bag but have… View Post

Cadbury Orange Chocolate Fingers

Last week we not only got one, but two new orange treats and a presale of the Orange Twirl from Cadbury! Naturally it was mission get the orange choccies and if you follow on insta you will already know I got my hands on them. There will be two reviews this week and first up is the Cadbury Orange Chocolate Fingers.  Cadbury Fingers are no stranger to a little variation, aside from the OG, there’s the Fabulous Fingers, White Choc Fingers and now the Orange Choc Fingers. Currently available in Londis and Budgens stores I found mine in the latter,… View Post

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

There hasn’t been this much excitement since the Chocolate Orange Twirl (review here if you missed it). It has even been a mission to find these Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs. Not as extensive but still these have been flying off the shelves, and rightly so!  Now I know some may recoil at the very thought of Easter Chocolate in January, and I would include myself in that camp. However when Terry’s Chocolate Orange in mini egg form is on the cards, well frankly all feelings are put aside.  Presently these are exclusives at Tesco. It is unknown if they will… View Post

Mr Kipling Chocolate Orange Whirls

It seems that Chocolate Orange is the flavour to be had! We have had the yummy Chocolate Orange Twirls, The Cadbury Orange Mousse Snowman and Hotel Chocolat Orange Chocolate Wafers to name a few. Now it is the turn for these Mr Kipling Chocolate Orange Whirls. These were in Tesco and on offer for £1.00. As always there are six in a box which sit in a plastic tray (tut tut). Upon opening the whirls were a wee bit mismatch, with most of the filling splodged out of one side.  The Mr Kipling Chocolate Orange Whirls sit amongst Iced Top… View Post

Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply the Zest Chocolate Bar

Cadbury have three new chocolate bars all of which were created by chocoholics as part of Cadbury’s inventor’s competition. It is then up to us to vote for one to be triumphant and be a permanent fixture. First up on the blog is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply the Zest Chocolate Bar.  Although Poundland appeared to be the first to stock these bars, they are now readily available in supermarkets and corner shops alike. Each 110g bar comes in at £1.49 a pop but are mostly on offer for a £1.00, so shop around.  The name alone I absolutely love! Not… View Post