Müller Light Chocolate Fix Layers Chocolate & Caramel

I am a Müller fan and am always eager to try new additions to the range. As such Müller have introduced a fair few new additions recently that have been rather lacklustre. Was anybody else disappointed by the Müller Light Goodies editions? After searching high and low for what felt like forever, I was seriously disappointed by them!

Probably owing to the fact I rarely shop in Tesco, I have only ever seen the original Müller Light Chocolate Fix ones; these Chocolate and Caramel layered ones are new to me. I’ll admit there was a slight hesitation in buying these due to the recent track record, however there was the hope that maybe Müller had redeemed themselves this time.


A simple dessert treat, Müller Light Chocolate Fix Layers only come in one flavour, Chocolate and Caramel. First look they are in the tiniest of pots, no wonder they are 72kcal per pot. Split half chocolate and half caramel, these little yoghurts are thick, smooth and silky. Taste wise the chocolate is surprisingly chocolatey, albeit not as rich as some light chocolate dessert yoghurts I’ve had before, yet it still has a nice flavour. The caramel is very subtle and sweet in flavour, a nice compliment to the chocolate, however I’d like to see more of a caramel hit to be honest.

Muller-Light-Chocolate-Caramel-Layers-SideOverall they’re not as indulgent as I would have hoped for, but they are a nice little treat. The pots are rather tiny, just as you start enjoying it you’ve already finished and left wanting more. Müller haven’t totally redeemed themselves in my books, but they are on the way. It will be interesting to see if Müller will expand on this range like they have with the others, I guess we will just have to wait and see. 

Feel free to leave your thoughts on Müller and all things yogurt!

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