Clever Bean Chocolate Orange Milk Chocolate

Clever Bean Chocolate Orange

Just when I thought I wasn’t going to keep buying Chocolate Orange here we are again. Today it is the turn of Clever Bean Chocolate Orange Milk Chocolate. Handmade in small batches in Godalming, the town which featured in The Holiday, each bar has a high cocoa content with the aim to delight the chocolate enthusiast.

Coming in 6 flavours from 70% Dark Chocolate, to Mint, to White with Vanilla Chocolate and a Creamy Vegan Chocolate Bar. There is one to cater for almost all. This bar was just shy of £5 which is higher than your average priced bar of choccie.

This business also engages with the bigger the picture, that being sustainability. The packaging used is fully recyclable, they sell even the ‘imperfect bars’, and their cacao is grown using the Agroforestry land management system.

Clever Bean Chocolate ReviewOpting for a single solid bar the design is simple but elegant, and has a good snap. The smell alone coming from the bar is enough to entice any chocolate orange lover. The milk chocolate is creamy and if you’ll allow it, will just melt in the mouth. With the use of Cold Pressed Orange Oil, the taste is more authentic and complements the chocolate. For how it smells I did envisage this tasting of orange more, and it is a bar that is nicer slightly warmer to allow it to melt perfectly.

On the whole this Clever Bean Chocolate Orange Milk Chocolate is a nice bar. Whilst I don’t mind paying a higher price for better quality and to support a small business, I would like more flavour here.

Wanting to get your hands on a bar? Visit here for their stockist.

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