KitKat Senses Millionaires Shortbread

KitKat Senses Millionaires Shortbread Review

KitKat has had another upgrade and this time we have gold wrapping! Yes it is the trio of KitKat Senses which combines the classic wafer and chocolate combo with a thick creamy filling that is infused with an indulgent flavour. But what indulgent flavour I hear you ask? Well there is KitKat Senses Millionaires Shortbread, Cookie Dough or Salted Caramel. 

Frankly I am a little over salted caramel, been there and everyone has done it. Cookie dough sounds delicious but their original KitKat Cookie Dough was lack lustre. So that leaves millionaires shortbread, which stand alone is one of the greatest treats of all times. 

These KitKat Senses are available in supermarkets both in stores and online. I picked these up in Asda (month’s ago) for £1.99 and have also seen them on Ocado. 

KitKat Senses Millionaires ShortbreadKitKat Senses Millionaires Shortbread – Per Bar: 117 kcal, 3.3g sat fat, 11.9g sugars, 1.8g protein

Now that is some generous filling side, and makes this a little more promising. It certainly smelt sweet and this translated in taste. Inside the filling there were little crunchy caramel nuggets, which were a win. When tasted these brought a temporary release from the sweetness as the caramel was a little bitter, like you get when you take it a little further than normal. 

Really you were never going to get this to taste like a millionaire’s shortbread when it lacks shortbread. The only element that gave it somewhat of the aforementioned taste was the crunchy caramel pieces. In a blind taste test KitKat have missed the mark and unfortunately although nice, doesn’t remind me of Millionaires Shortbread. 

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