Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Protein Granola

Nature Valley Oats 'n Honey

Granola, my trusty breakfast work friend. I have been searching for a new granola to jazz up my brekkie and spied Nature Valley have bought out a new range of protein granolas in the name of Oats ‘n Honey, Oats ‘n Chocolate and Oats ‘n Red Berries. Not being a fan of red berries in my cereal, and the fact I thought the bee looked quite cute, I snapped up a bag of Oats ‘n Honey. 

Nature Valley Granola Oats 'n HoneyToasted wholegrain oats with a touch of honey, packed full of protein

At £2.50 for 360g I didn’t think it was half bad especially given its competitors are a tad pricier. The pouch is fully resealable and the kind of resealable that does actually stay sealed! The bag is mainly full of tiny little clusters of wholegrain oats with the occasional biggie. As suggested theses are crunchy and have a good bite to them, even when you get to the end of your bowl and the poor fellas are looking helpless in a puddle of milk. Flavour wise I was a bit apprehensive. I’m not a lover of honey and was slightly concerned that it would be too much, but hallelujah there is just a dash of honey giving the granola a delicate and delicious sweetness. It’s also just as nice on its own and I must confess I do find myself in the kitchen grabbing a handful to munch on.

Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey is one yummy granola and I have already bought another bag to keep me going! As soon as I find an actual bag of Oat’s ‘n Chocolate and not just an empty space on the supermarket shelf, I will definitely be buying a bag. I did however stumble across the USA site and spied that they do a Peanut Butter Protein Granola, yes that’s right Peanut Butter Granola! Why oh why has this not jumped across the pond yet?? Come on Nature Valley I am willing you to bring this to us!

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