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Yorkie Orange Chocolate

It seems that not a week goes by without another chocolate orange goodie hitting the shelves.  Whilst it feels like there isn’t anything else that can be made into orange flavouring, the latest is probably the most exciting release for sometime. Of course I am talking about the new Limited Edition Yorkie Orange.

Finding these was like the Orange Twirl all over again, all hope was waining until they popped up in the local Londis. You can also find these in Co-Op, Poundland, B&M.

Yorkie OrangeWith its seriously classic chunky pieces this bar is creamier than other chocolate bars. There is no denying the zesty orange flavouring both in the smell, but more importantly the taste. The orange flavouring is the perfect balance its enough to compliment the milk chocolate but not so much that it is overpowering and synthetic. It is also the closest to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

I love everything about this and would go as far as saying they pip the Orange Twirl. Hopefully these become a permanent fixture rather than limited edition, especially as there is no definitive on how long they will be around. Certainly if you haven’t had your Yorkie Orange fix, you need to!

If you are desperate get your hands on them you can find them on Amazon*.

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