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Funkin Cocktails Nitro Cocktails

It’s exactly one month to Chirstmas Day, which means party season is almost upon us. You’ve probably heard of Funkin Cocktails after all they are the leading market fruit purée and cocktail mixer brand. Although fun to do, making cocktails can be a bit of a faff and involve ingredients you have never heard of. However things are changing and Funkin Cocktails have got your back.

Their range includes pre-made cocktails, cocktail purees, mixers, syrups and party packs. However their newest range to hit shelves, are these ready to drink nitro canned cocktails. 

How do these differ from other pre-made cocktails? Well they use nitro. The nitro bubbles are 100 times smaller and longer lasting than CO2 bubbles, which in turn provides a uniquely smooth, velvety feel. Basically these should taste like you get in cocktail bar.  

With four to choose from, they have chosen a solid range to ensure there is likely to be one that everyone would enjoy. Each costs between £2.00 – £2.29 and can be found on their website, as well as Sainsbury’s. All 4 of these are also suitable for vegans.

How best to serve them? Chill, rotate, then crack open to infuse with nitrogen. I didn’t know how many times to rotate so I went for a handful just to be sure.  

Funkin Cocktails Nitro Espresso Martini and Amaretto SourThe Espresso Martini certainly packed a punch. It had the looks and the taste, and was just missing the two little coffee beans on the top. Personally this would never be my choice so I passed this to an avid coffee lover who gave it the seal of approval. The only drawback was it being coffee heavy, and would have preferred more of a balanced taste between this and the vodka. 

The Amaretto Sour smelt amazing, you know that sticky sweet nutty smell you get from Disarrono? That’s what we had here. Close your eyes and give this a sip, I think anyone would struggle to tell the difference, let alone believe this came from a can. It is certainly one for those who love sharp and sour citrus flavours. 

Funkin Cocktails Nitro Pink Gin and Passion Fruit MartiniPink Gin Fizz was by far the one I thought I would love the most. However it fell short. Cracking open, the pink hue was much paler than expected. Instead of a lovely smooth gin flavour the drink was very limey, which was bizarre. Not being able to see the ingredients I am not sure whether this is a feature and how much. This is the only one of the 4 that I feel isn’t quite up to scratch. 

Last but by know means least the Passion Fruit Martini. I cannot quite explain how amazing this smelt! Vibrant yellow this was honestly like freshly squeezed passion fruit in a glass. Velvety smooth it tasted utterly delicious and fruity, and if you cannot tell this was my favourite!

This has well and truly started the party season! I’ve not really been a great fan of canned cocktails, however am suitably impressed with these Funkin Cocktails. The quality is up there, they couldn’t have been simpler and on the whole tasted great. If you want something quick and easy, or to keep tucked away for those unexpected guests, these Nitro Cocktails are a great option. 

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*These Funkin Cocktails were sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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