Cadbury Mint Twirl Limited Edition

Cadbury Mint Twirl

You could have easily guessed that this would be the natural progression, which makes the Cadbury Mint Twirl somewhat disappointing. Don’t get me wrong I 100% knew I was going to be trying it the minute it hit stores, but you would like to think a more innovative flavour was on the cards.

Initially a sign-up to be in for a chance of a freebie, these Cadbury Mint Twirl bars have slipped their way onto shelves almost unnoticed. More luck has been had with finding these in local shops rather than in supermarkets. A whole host of these and other flavours are also on Amazon *.

Mint TwirlThe strong mint flavour is evident upon opening the metallic purple packaging. There really is no denying the flavour of this one, it is verging on being intense. The signature inner the chocolate melts well and the minty flavour will have mint lovers wanting more. It is a shame that the chocolate is a little lost amongst all that mint.

Whilst I enjoyed the Cadbury Mint Twirl and would happily eat another, the Orange Twirl still has the edge.

Have you tried these yet?

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