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  • Limited Edition Cookie Dough Munchies

    Limited Edition Cookie Dough Munchies
  • KitKat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

    KitKat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  • Beefeater Blood Orange Gin

    Beefeater Blood Orange Gin
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie Munchies

    Chocolate Fudge Brownie Munchies
  • White’s Oats Recipes: Summer is Here *

    White’s Oats Recipes: Summer is Here *

Hopping into Easter with White’s Oats *

Half way through April and Easter is finally within our sights. Not only do we get the joy that is an eggs-tra long bank holiday weekend, it is also an egg-citing time for food! So to get us there we are hopping into Easter with White’s Oats with some egg-ceptional special recipes, (someone stop me with all these Easter puns!). These recipes are so easy that even the kiddies can get involved with. White’s Oats are once again getting us in the spirit of things. We all know the benefits to including oats in our eats, but sometimes it can get a…

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Beaulieu Pistachio Chocolate

Pistachio is my all time favourite nut. Salt it, roast it, plain out the shell, if there are pistachios about I am going to eat them. So when I visited Beaulieu Chocolate Studio and spied their Beaulieu Pistachio Chocolate bar it was certain that this was coming home with me.  Nestled in the New Forest they create contemporary and local speciality chocolates which are all hand-made using fresh and where possible local ingredients. This is a chocoholics mini paradise. At £3.95 a bar it is on the pricer side for chocolate, but so far I have had a few bars from…

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Aero Dark Cherry Truffle Chocolate Bar

Listen up Aero lovers because this is certainly a post you are going to want to read! Aero Dark Cherry Truffle Chocolate bar is something to get excited about, primarily because it isn’t the bog standard flavour that’s on our UK shelves.  First and foremost hopes will not be dashed because you can get your hands on this bar, albeit at a higher price. Being quick is also paramount as it tends to sell out quite quickly. This bar is from one of the go-to sites, American Fizz and it is also available on Ebay. There are a few Canadian Aero…

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Joe & Seph’s Popcorn Bites

There’s two new members of the Joe & Seph’s family. Fear not they haven’t strayed far from the popcorn tree and have combined two great things. Popcorn and Chocolate. Enter the new Joe and Seph’s Popcorn Bites. To put it bluntly I had no hope of my local Sainsbury’s stocking them for a while. However low and behold on the day of release these two beauties were upon the shelves! Surprised doesn’t quite cut it. Coming in at £2.50 a pop (£3.50 if you buy on Joe & Seph’s website), you can choose between Milk or Dark Chocolate Popcorn Bites.…

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Great British Biscotti Co Spiced Apple and Sour Cherry and Double Chocolate

When in need of a good Biscotti look no further as Great British Biscotti Co Spiced Apple and Sour Cherry and Double Chocolate is today’s focus.  Christchurch is the home to Great British Biscotti Co where a small team of artisan bakers are giving this twice baked Italian nibble more life. With an accolade of awards that are well deserved, Great British Biscotti Co have a whopping TWENTY varieties in both sweet and savoury flavours. It’s become impossible to choose a favourite flavour however I do tend to lean more on the sweeter side of things.  Mostly available in farm shops…

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