KitKat Gold Caramelise Your Break

KitKat Gold Review

KitKat have had a steady flow of flavours, however more recently they have ramped it up. There’s been the standard KitKat Ruby, KitKat Senses and KitKat Chunky Protein, to the more luxurious Chocolatory range. So what’s the latest to join the family? It’s the KitKat Gold. 

In its shimmering gold packaging that’s enough to attract any magpie, sits 4 wafer fingers covered with caramel flavour white and milk chocolate. Split into two layers, the bottom is host to caramel milk chocolate and the top, caramel white chocolate. Interesting move Nestle!

You can pick these up in most places, particularly the Co-Op, Nisa stores and local corner shops. Each bar is around 85p but you may see some variation in that. 

KitKat Gold Review Caramelise Your BreakPer Bar: 219 kcal, 6.3g sat fat, 21.4g sugars, 2.6g protein

There is no denying the caramel smell from this KitKat, but oddly the taste isn’t the same as the smell. It is a much sweeter caramelised taste than your bog standard caramel, and I think this is largely to do with the mix of white and milk chocolate. As you can see it is predominately white chocolate which makes this sweeter than the average, but still very enjoyable. As with all KitKats there is the snap and crunch from the wafer, with just enough chocolate wrapped around it. It is a bit like a Caramac but nicer. 

This flavour combination actually works, and is executed pretty well. There is no denying that it will certainly ‘caramelise your break’. Is it one of best new KitKats out there? I’d say it was up there, and that I would absolutely buy it again. 

Have you tried the new KitKat Gold? 

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