The Ideal Blend with Ideal Heating – Win a Winter Warmer for a Hard-Working Hero *

The Ideal Blend with Ideal Heating – Win a Winter Warmer for a Hard-Working Hero *

There is no doubting that this last year has been unimaginable in more ways than one. The nation has an abundance of hard working heroes from NHS workers to Emergency Services and all frontline workers, essential shop staff, local government workers, volunteers, those endlessly applying for jobs, parents juggling work and homeschooling, and trades people fixing the nations household problems. The list goes on and Ideal Heating want to celebrate each and everyone.

To give a little back to those hard working heroes this winter, Ideal Heating are giving away free coffee and travel mugs to keep us fuelled. They have teamed up with Maude Coffee to create the Ideal Blend. With notes of chocolate, a touch of cranberry and ginger biscuits, this sounds like a warming hug in a mug.

Ideal Heating Ideal Blend CompetitionPic: Ideal Heating

How to Enter The Ideal Blend Competition with Ideal Heating

So if you know someone who deserves an extra-special treat this Winter, it could not be easier to get involved. Head over to their Facebook or Instagram page and leave a comment with the name of your hard-working hero.

Terms and conditions here.

Tips for Keeping Warm & Cosy During Winter

  • Firstly never underestimate the power of a throw. Whoever invented this genius accessories is well, a genius. The chunkier and bigger the better. Thrown over your legs at your new work station, snuggled up on the sofa, or lounging on the bed, you are in for a warming win!
  • Hot drinks is an obvious one but a good one. My family say I am an oldie as I plod to the kitchen to make my fifth hot squash of the day, but honestly it warms the cockles! Grab a mug and fill it with a cuppa, squash, or coffee, perhaps even an Ideal Blend if you are lucky enough to win!
  • Pie and mash, stew, casserole, soup, one pan dish? It’s what I think of for typical winter foods. A hearty meal sets you up for the day, and don’t forget the biccies for elevenses!
  • Keep moving. Whether you want to bang out a HIIT, go for a run, practise yoga and mediation or partake in a few simple laps around the house to get away from the desk or a game of hide and seek with the kiddies. Just anything that gets you and the family up and moving, and those endorphins flowing.

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*Gifted a winter warming parcel in exchange for creating this post 

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