KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars

KIND Chocolate Almond Bars

It’s been a while but the nuts are back with a chocolatey twist. If you read the first nutty review a little while back (if you didn’t it’s here), you will know that I was suitably impressed by theses KIND bars and was eager to try more. Given the lovely people at KIND who indeed live up to their name and sent be a sizeable box of them to try, today it is the turn of the KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars *. 

KIND bars are easy peasy to get hold of as they’re sold in many outlets. Supermarkets, Boots, Ocado, Holland and Barrett and Whole Foods to name a few. Depending on the bar and where you buy it from will dictate the price, which ranges from £1.29 – £1.99. 

Both of these KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars are gluten and dairy free, lower in sugar and high in fibre and above all packed full of almonds. 

KIND Mint Chocolate Almond and KIND Dark Chocolate MochaLeft: Per Mocha Almond Bar: 199 kcal, 3.4g sat fat, 5.3g sugars, 5.4g protein. | Right: Per Almond Mint Bar: 200 kcal, 3.3g sat fat, 5.4g sugars, 5.2g protein.

Not being a coffee fan the Mocha was the first to be tried. The coffee was dark, rich and roasted, and worked nicely with the dark chocolate and nuts. Personally not my cup of tea and a bite was all that was needed. Passing this one over to a coffee addict and they did indeed like this one. Not as much as the previously tried Sea Salt variety mind.

Onto the second. Minty and fresh this smelt like a box of Matchmakers. Of the two this was always going to be the better one, but it did feel a bit mismatched. Chocolate and nuts is a combo that works time and time again. However throw some mint into the mix and it goes a bit skew-whiff. 

In comparison to the Sea Salt Nut Bars these KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars didn’t meet the mark. Whilst I would, and did indeed eat the Dark Chocolate Mint bar, it wouldn’t be the chosen one. 

With a few more flavours to try, keep your eyes on the blog to see how the others measure up. FYI after stumbling upon their US site man alive do I hope their nut butter filled ones reach us soon! 

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