Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers

Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers Review

A year on since the Chocolate Orange Fingers now Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers have hit the shelves. Is it possible that mint chocolate is going to explode into a tonne of varieties and overtake the plethora of chocolate orange?

If you missed the review on the Mint Choc Buttons then you can find it here. As with the Buttons you can pick these up from Tesco for a slightly higher RRP of £1.50 per box. It is yet to be known when they will be hitting other stores.

Each tray is filled with crisp mint flavoured biscuits covered with Cadbury milk chocolate.

Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers

The mint flavour is subtle and the polar opposite to the Buttons. The biscuit is short and crumbly, and the milk chocolate is just enough of a layer to be creamy as it melts. Theses have a Viscount biscuit vibe going on, without the middle cream element.

These Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers are not groundbreaking but they are a nice addition. I can’t say I am reaching for these as much as the Orange, because they were top notch.

Place your bets on what the next Mint Chocolate number will be!

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