Limited Edition Cookie Dough Munchies

Nestle Munchies Cookie Dough

It has been over 20 years since Munchies gave us new flavours and now they have not only given us one, but two flavours. I recently reviewed the new Chocolate Fudge Brownie Munchies – review here, which frankly were a very sweet disappointment. Today it is the turn of the Cookie Dough Munchies, and I am hoping they fair far better. 

Incase you aren’t au fait with the original Munchies they are square, filled with soft caramel and a small round biscuit in the middle, all of which is encased in a thick chocolate coating. For those who love the classic these newbies are promised to be just as good, but with the addition of a cookie dough.

Unlike the others these are exclusive to Tesco, Booker and One Stop Stores. This bag was £1.50 and I am sure they will be on offer soon.  Let’s get tasting.

Cookie Dough MunchiesPer 6 Munchies: 142 kcal, 4.1g sat fat, 14.6g sugars, 1.7g protein

In comparison to the Chocolate Fudge Brownie version there was more distinction between the different components.  What was also apparent was the sweetness was far less and much more palatable in these ones. The biscuit was much needed to counteract the very similar textures of the cookie dough and milk chocolate. In terms of flavour there was a hint of cookie dough which although could have been stronger, it was at least detectable. 

These Cookie Dough Munchies are certainly the better of the two. They’re chocolatey, moreish and above all have some cookie dough about them.

Have you tried these yet?

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