Tesco Finest Red Velvet Hot Cross Buns

Tesco Finest Red Velvet Hot Cross Buns

Flavoured hot cross buns, is it a love it or hate it type of relationship. I certainly fall into the camp that loves the traditional but will absolutely relish in some new flavour combination, even if it is verging on cake. Red Velvet is one of my favourite cakes so naturally these Tesco Finest Red Velvet Hot Cross Buns were an absolute must.

Each pack comes with 4 hot cross buns that are made from sweetened dough encriched with cocoa powder, buttermilk and soft cream cheese and white and dark chocolate chips.

Look at that gorgeous colour!

Red Velvet Hot Cross BunsWith the sweeter hot cross bunds what do you top them with? For fairness I opted one plain and one with lashings of butter. Texture wise this is actually more cake like than I was expecting. The chocolate chips melted into drops of deliciousness and is a great addition. The cream cheese and slightly tart edge to it is sadly lacking, which is unfortunately a familiar theme to Red Velvet crossovers. It definitely needs a topping so the butter was the better of the two halves.

For a sweet delight these Red Velvet Hot Cross Buns are not overly sweet. They are a refreshing delight to the norm and one to happily indulge in again. Of these and the St Clement’s these were definitely the better and more delicious of the two.

What’s your favourite hot cross bun?

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