Limited Edition Cadbury Caramel Twirl

Caramel Twirl Review

After the hotly anticipated Orange Twirl which thank the chocolate gods they made that a permanent addition, we have all been on tender hooks as to what their new creation will be. The #ControlTwirlHype has been trending on Twitter and rightly so because this not so secret club gave you access to the new Caramel Twirl.

Thankfully I managed to get my hands on one of the thousands Cadbury had to offer, and this beaut dropped through the letter box at the weekend.

It is important to note that this twin bar is caramel flavoured and not runny caramel running through the Twirl ribbons.

If you weren’t lucky enough to nab one they were released in supermarkets and newsagents on the 6th June. Alternatively you can also grab them here from their website.

Caramel TwirlAnyone else give it a whiff when you open the packet? I sure did and the caramel flavouring is evident. As expected this was a crumbly melt in the mouth milk chocolate. Although this screams sweet, in actual fact it was far less so and has a darker caramel flavour to it. The flavour runs through out the bar and is enough for you to know this is caramel, but not so much that it detracts from the milk chocolate Cadbury classic.

For someone who can take or leave caramel this Caramel Twirl is a delight. Although they opted for flavouring, they seem to have nailed it. An all around good chocolate bar that has gone back to simple flavour roots, and when you finish one finger you have another to enjoy.

Have you given this Twirl a whirl yet?

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