Cadbury Butterscotch Hot Cakes

Cadbury Butterscotch Hot Cakes

Cadbury Hot Cakes are new on the block and come in two varieties, Double Choc and Butterscotch. Butterscotch is one of my favourite things and always reminds me of the butterscotch tart you used to get at school, which was clearly the only good thing about school dinners! Coming home after a late day at work, these little Butterscotch Hot Cakes were sat waiting for me and naturally of the two varieties these were the perfect choice.  

Butterscotch Cadbury Hotcakes

Described as melting butterscotch cakes, smothered in Cadbury milk chocolate, they couldn’t sound any more enticing. As soon as I opened the packet I was hit with a sweet rich butterscotch aroma that was unbelievably tempting.

Cadbury Hot Cakes Butterscotch

Slicing open the proportion of cake to butterscotch filling appeared bang on. You can eat these Hot Cakes hot or cold, but for me it is hot all the way. 15 seconds in the microwave, serve with ice cream, custard or on their own, and you are good to go. Once heated the butterscotch became a clear runny mess, and is almost unrecognisable both in sight and taste against the chocolate sponge. What you can taste of the butterscotch is very sweet and sugary, and certainly not what you imagine butterscotch to be. Although chocolatey, the sponge is a little on the dry side and I can see why there is the recommendation of ice cream or custard.

All in all these little Cadbury Butterscotch Hot Cakes are a disappointment. Hopes were raised and quickly shattered. Perhaps if they are served straight out the packed they may hit the butterscotch taste boxes, but served warm they are everything but. If you have tried them any other way let me know your thoughts and feelings!

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  1. Humphrey DeForest Bogart II
    23rd September 2015 / 6:43 pm

    Ah such a shame! I would be wary of having them hot.. Any time you microwave a Choc pud it gets that stereotypical cheap artifical taste which I dislike immensely! 🙁

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