McVitie’s Chocolate Orange Nibbles

McVitie's Chocolate Orange Nibbles

It’s so close to Christmas we can almost taste it! I have been raving about the McVitie’s White Chocolate Nibbles, honestly if you haven’t given them a go get some pronto before they disappear! Needless to say whilst getting myself another bag of these beauties I spied McVitie’s Chocolate Orange Nibbles. 

Frankly I cannot believe that I have not come across these sooner, despite the packets saying they are new it would appear that they have actually been out for a number of months. It does however seem that these and the white chocolate version are not in every supermarket. If you are wondering I found this bright orange pouch in the Co-Op and they were on offer for £1.00. 

McVitie's Chocolate Orange NibblesPer serving: 124 kcal, 3.6g sat fat, 9.1g sugar, 1.7g protein

The glossy chocolate nibbles were exactly like the others in terms of their miss-matched shape and compact crunchiness. The orange aroma was not that strong, however I am pleased to report that it was far more prominent in the taste and had a lovely zingy sweet flavour to it. Overall these are far more on the sweet side and would certainly satisfy those with a sweet tooth. 

I am not sure why but to me these feel more like a dessert. I love the Nibble range, these McVitie’s Chocolate Orange Nibbles don’t at all beat the White Chocolate ones, they remain triumphant, however these are a lovely little addition. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they may bring the banoffee ones to nibble form!

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    • Nibbles 'n' Scribbles
      14th January 2018 / 4:19 pm

      I wouldn’t be too sad dear, they were nice but not as scrummy as the white choc ones, did you manage to nibble some of those? xx

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