McVitie’s Digestives Twists Chocolate Chip and Caramels Bits

McVitie's Digestives Twists

New biscuit alert! Yes the all rounder Digestive Biscuit has had a bit of a sprucing. McVitie’s has launched a new range of Digestive biscuits in two new flavours. The McVitie’s Digestives Twists Chocolate Chip and Caramels Bits and Chocolate and Coconut. 

They launched in Asda a few month’s ago, however have only just seen them filter to Tesco, which is where I picked these up. Each pack is £1.25 however you will no doubt be able to find them on offer in one of the supermarkets.  

Apparently these new flavours are to entice  youngsters. They aren’t wrong in the sense that they certainly caught my attention. 

McVitie's Digestives Twists Chocolate Chips and Caramel BitsPer Biscuit: 45 kcal, 1g sat fat, 2.4g sugars, 0.6g protein

Each biscuit is emblazoned with the McVitie’s stamp and there is no denying that this is the classic digestive biscuit. These smelt utterly enticing! Studded with a lot of chocolate chips these were a little crumbly but held their own. The caramel pieces, although not visible, worked perfectly with the chocolate chips. They brought both a sweet and slightly bitter taste to the biscuit, and with a slight chewiness it was a nice balance.

Now did it pass the dunk test? Yes it did. Dare I say that I actually preferred the taste of when it was dunked than not. The chocolate slightly melted which is always a win, and on the whole paired with a cupper, what isn’t to love. 

These McVitie’s Digestives Twists Chocolate Chip and Caramels Bits are a nice little addition. They seem lightly than the normal Chocolate Digestives and they have dunk-ability. 

Have you tried these new Twisted Digestives? 

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