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Doughlicious Dough Chi Cookie Dough
When you are in need of a sweet treat, a pick me up or happiness in a dessert then Doughlicious Dough-Chi might just be the one to hit the spot. Picture this ice cream enrobed with irresistible cookie dough that can be enjoyed straight from the freezer. Simple.
Not content on just releasing a couple, these newbies come in five flavours, Blueberry Yoghurt Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, Dulce De Leche Chocolate Truffle, and Chocolate Chip.  Today’s review is going to focus on the latter two vegan Dough-Chi.
Could this be the ultimate ready to eat tasty frozen dessert?

Dough-chi is available from Ocado, RRP £4.29 per pack of six or you can order on their online shop. Made with all-natural and gluten free ingredients this London-based boasts an eco-friendly factory, powered by renewable energy.

Doughlicious Dough Chi Chocolate ChipDoughlicious Chocolate Chip Dough-Chi
For the best experience you should leave them for a minute to soften slightly, and I must agree that if you can wait, definitely do.

Eating the cookie dough on this Chocolate Chip Dough-Chi was like eating it out of a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. The thickness was the perfect ratio to the smooth creamy inner ice cream. I felt the ice cream itself could have benefited from a little vanilla flavouring as it is quite plain on its own.

Dough-Chi Chocolate Truffle VeganDoughlicious Chocolate Truffle Dough-Chi

A ball of chocolate truffle flavour heaven is what these were. Dark rich vegan chocolate cookie dough and ice cream, this was one naughty treat. Indulgent, with a thick creamy ice cream centre, a true winner out of the two.

In a blind taste taste you would have no clue that these were vegan, well I certainly wouldn’t have. They are a great in the freezer option, and a delicious dessert.

Keep your eyes on the blog for the remaining three Doughlicious Dough-Chi flavours.

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* Doughlicious Dough-Chi was gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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