Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate *

Today is a trio of gifted chocolate and not just any chocolate. Conscious by name and conscious by nature is their motto and is the UK’s first raw, vegan chocolate brand. Yes it’s the Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate range.  All three bars are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugars, soya and palm oil. Everywhere you look they have thought of how to make this bar with as little impact on our planet as possible. Each bar is handcrafted in their Sussex kitchens, which is powered by 100% renewable energy sources.  Available in both 30g and 60g bars, you will find… View Post

KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars

It’s been a while but the nuts are back with a chocolatey twist. If you read the first nutty review a little while back (if you didn’t it’s here), you will know that I was suitably impressed by theses KIND bars and was eager to try more. Given the lovely people at KIND who indeed live up to their name and sent be a sizeable box of them to try, today it is the turn of the KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars *.  KIND bars are easy peasy to get hold of as they’re sold in many outlets. Supermarkets, Boots, Ocado,… View Post

Pancake Day with White’s Oats *

Coming in late this year, the day of pancake making is on Tuesday 5th March and thankfully that is almost upon us. Every year I say “god I love pancakes I’m going to make these more often”, then low and behold it’s Shrove Tuesday all over again. It is in no way different this time around either.  Although I’ve posted some truly irresistible pancakes (FYI find 11 of them HERE) today is a little different. Today’s post is to get you in the pancake mood with a couple of oaty pancake recipes courtesy of White’s Oats. We all know there… View Post

KIND Sea Salt Nut Bars

I confess I have never had a KIND bar. I cannot really pinpoint as to why but it is just not a snack bar I have ever picked up, however that is all going to change because the lovely people at KIND sent me not one, not two but a whole variety box of the them to try.  First thought – there are SO many flavours! Second Thought – which to start with they all sound delicious! Needless to say I settled on these 3 KIND Sea Salt Nut Bars*. Caramel Almond & Sea Salt, Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt… View Post

Choc Chick Quinoa Pops and Plantain Bites *

Fresh on the food scene these Choc Chick Quinoa Pops and Plantain Bites only launched on the 13th October. Ethically sourced natural raw cocoa, Choc Chick have chosen the single origin Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma bean, as it’s renowned for its floral and fruity notes. They also work with cooperatives of family farms that have been growing cacao for generations and are proud to shout out that they can trace each batch from the plantation to fermentation, drying and production. Personally Choc Chick is completely new to me. Looking at their website they actually do quite the range of products from these Quinoa Pops and Plantain… View Post